Men's Health

Men's Health

As much as women require primary health care, so does men as part of their regular health regime. A study has shown that men are less likely to tend to their health and does not take regular checkups seriously, however, seldom do they realize that frequent visits are paramount for a stable health condition.

The Risk

According to leading studies, men are more prone to acquire heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Men are also advised to undergo frequent screenings to test for prostate and testicular cancer to detect them in the initial stage.

Keeping The Track

As for men, your primary care physician can help you maintain track of your vaccination status, undergo preventive care screenings, kidney stones, hernia, and cancer. As you regularly visit a primary care doctor, he or she can detect for common conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, or even thyroid. In case any ailments have been identified, we'll refer you to specialists to direct your condition.  It is essential that both boys and men adhere to primary care checkup at once every year.

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